All In For Kids is an innovation incubator that leverages what actually works for kids. Our partners develop and design responsive healing and caring early childhood ecosystems from deep within their community. By investing in community-driven solutions, All In For Kids is making systems-level changes to sustain the services, policies, and practices that result in holistic well-being across generations.

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Our Guiding Principles

Our children deserve our best thinking, our best ideas, and our best actions. Right now, we have the chance to promote lifelong health and learning across generations, and it starts with creating the conditions and systems that work for young children and their families.

Success will take the entire early childhood ecosystem working together to:

Center Equity. Child and family support systems measure and intentionally address racism, close racial disparities, and eliminate gender discrimination.

Value Lived Experience. People most affected by health inequities, family violence, and economic disparities guide the solutions that support young children and their families.

Focus on Prevention. Innovative and nontraditional approaches orient toward preventing childhood adversity and trauma before it happens.

Support the Whole Family. Leaders recognize that family well-being is inextricably linked to the needs of children and their caregivers.

Coordinate Solutions. Organizations collaborate toward shared goals, developing shared metrics of all forms of health, including family violence prevention, economic security, education and other support services.

Advocate for Policy Wins. Policymakers work with families and their communities to design new opportunities for a brighter future.

Expand Impact. The entire early childhood ecosystem has the right support—financial and structural—so that holistic well-being across generations is sustained and replicated.